Kundalini for Creativity with Wah Khalsa

Join Wah Khalsa for a special Kundalini for Creativity Workshop at NOON Projects.

Let us inspire our souls to rise to the occasion of these unpredictable times. Creativity is an energy that can be accessed by anyone and utilized by all! It is a way of living, to be in the flow of life, creating the life you want, even around all the obstacles! This workshop will offer you the space to go deep within using the practice of kundalini yoga, meditation, and dance. We will polish the lenses through which we see our life, giving us an opportunity to reconnect to the magic and mystery that life holds.

It will be full of fun, connection, community & spirit!

We are honored to present Kundalini for Creativity as part of the curation of Hertta Kiiski’s exhibition Plasticenta, on view at NOON Projects from June 10 – July 16, 2022.

Please bring your own yoga mat and cushions for class.

Wah Khalsa is a yogi, a mother, and a forever student of life. Her passion for community and connection is contagious. She has a down-to-earth approach that is relatable and real. She guides classes and workshops with grace and love and shares from the growth that her own life has offered. She has been teaching Kundalini yoga and dance for 20 years. Join her and you will be in good hands for a fabulous Kundalini yoga experience.


June 14, 2022
10am – Noon

$15 – 30 Sliding Scale
Tickets ︎︎︎here