2.2.2024 – 3.16.2024

Daniela Gomez Paz
Corrientes enmarañadas /
Streams of entanglements

NOON Projects is honored to present Corrientes enmarañadas / Streams of entanglements, an exhibition of new assemblage works and drawings by Daniela Gomez Paz. This is Paz’s first exhibition with the gallery.
Daniela Gomez Paz creates multilayered landscapes where the past and present are preserved and transformed into ever-changing ecosystems. In these reimagined material ecosystems, the impermanence of the inorganic and organic worlds intertwines with the human body. Paz’s process incorporates c r a f t techniques such as embroidery and weaving as well as drawing, painting, collage, assemblage, and sculpture. She engages in cross-conversations with these languages of production to create vast fibrous bodily terrains that hold familial archives: sites that pull from her Colombian-American experience and Mestiza cultural memory.

Paz constructs these habitats from organic elements like soil and twigs, as well as fabricated objects and natural and synthetic fibers. At the center of these fecund terrains are enveloped and embroidered textiles that serve both as foundational support and binders or as skeletons and skin. Leaves unfurl, wings flutter, blood circulates through entangled veins, roots extend outward, hands clasp and release, and fallen flowers decompose and re-grow. Through the coiling of color, stitching of imagery, and interlacing of form, Paz weaves through different timelines. In some of these works, Paz confronts the autobiographical, social, and familial norms of feminine roles as she contends with the stereotypes associated with women's work. Other works express the energetic presence of femininity through their radiating color and transparencies. Several of her pieces honor the complex nature and intergenerational exchange of mujeres in her life— sus saberes, knowledge, strengths, and support networks.

Nevertheless, each of the works evokes a sense of movement, as if the forms are alive with an energy that transcends the material. Paz’s work offers viewers a powerful visual meditation on the dynamics of history, memory, and identity. She shows how memories can be transmitted and transformed, and how they can be reclaimed and reimagined.


February 2, 2024

On View Through March 16, 2024

Interview with Kristan Kennedy 
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