6.21.2024 – 7.27.2024

Group Show
Becoming a Swan (Going Through the Veil)

Darren Cortez
John Erwin Dillard
Kristan Kennedy
Michael Lombardo

NOON Projects is honored to present Becoming a Swan (Going Through the Veil) featuring Darren Cortez, John Erwin Dillard, Kristan Kennedy and Michael Lombardo. Becoming a Swan is the inaugural show in NOON Project’s new exhibition space at 508 Chung King Court.

Becoming a Swan is an intuitive, energetic combination of works that creates a constellation not categorized by pedagogical classification. It is an act of creating an acronym for forgetting; that feelsakin to the act of dumping out one's bag. The organization of a life through a messy emptying.

Eroded masses of post industrial waste placed atop a painting complicit in philosophical fracas. Oil and Oklahoma dirt on the wall. A praying mantis, a conch shell, and rectangles serve as conduits for contemplation. Each is a device for transformation, forgetting, and letting go that the artists use when Going Through the Veil. The assemblage of these works allows a space for free association to form; to let the light in. An opening into the embodiment of the transcendental.

Group Exhibition

June 21, 2024

On View Through July 27, 2024