A History of Frogs
seven seilie bells

seven seilie bells

Biado and his partner, Antonia Pinter, creatively collaborate to form A History of Frogs. A.H.O.F. is a conceptual design project that issued forth from the couple’s desire to introduce play-logic as supreme disruptor of the status quo. For the duration of Feywild, they present seven seilie bells, a collection of cast bells whose addition to the exhibition offers not only a lustrous sculptural element, but a sonic one as well. Each bell’s tone is unique yet melodious, the respective pitch connoting achievement or reception, as if rendered intentionally in a key apropos to the castle. The term “seilie” is reminiscent of the Olde Scottish and nods to the culture’s faerie folklore. Indicating happiness, blessings and good fortune, the bells offer revelation in proximity to Feywild.

Text by Amy Bernstein


April 29 – June 4, 2022