Artist Edition

Daniel Long
“early bird gets the worm but second mouse gets the cheese” 2022

Edition of 72

NOON Projects is excited to present our first artist edition in collaboration with Daniel Long.

“early bird gets the worm but second mouse gets the cheese” captures iconography from Daniel Long’s practice, some of which are repetitive themes and some come from his latest series of paintings being shown this March 2022 at NOON Projects.

The image of Sebastian is a recurring figure in Daniel’s work. Long has been repetitively airbrush tracing the painting, “St. Sebastian” by Il Sodoma since 2012. “I make them over and over because they are quick to make using the projector, and they would all come out so differently. Their smirks and expression in their eyes are what still keep me painting this image over and over. Each [painting] is quite quick, and like a hookup; some turn out great, some do not.” 

The shells on the sleeve are taken from a series of new paintings created during the pandemic. They are created to serve as a symbol for deep internal permission and for inner listening. They are accompanied by hand calligraphy of dutiful seeds on the opposite sleeve taken from a poem written by Long.

time stamp, time clock-
absorbed uncertainty
of the disco ball
in the glass of water
alternating past

dutiful seeds
sweeping away
the come
and go
comes and goes
grow the falls
I wash

The portal on the back serves as an entrance, an opening. Daniel writes, “How do we get out of the rabbit hole? Am I expanding or contracting, ascending or descending, revealing or hiding.”

Created collaboratively, this t-shirt captures various conversations, DMs, drawings from airports, emails, and texts between Daniel and Noon. When composed together, these highly charged symbols, poems, and images create a wearable talisman, sending blessings to all who wear it and encounter it.

NOON Editions are an ongoing series of domestic and functional objects created as a collaboration between NOON Projects and our artists.

Images by Agustín Hernandez

100% Cotton
Garment Dyed, Printed and Sewn in Los Angeles