02.09.2023 –

Material Fair 2023

NOON Projects is proud to present Ben Borden (Los Angeles), Maddy Inez Leeser (Los Angeles), and Maija Luutonen (Helsinki, Finland) for Material 2023.

All three artists' work examines humanity's relationship with the natural world through an investigation into soil and bacteria, faith and folklore, and global and personal healing.

Ben Borden uses industrial processes and organic materials to create closed systems of control and preservation reflective of impermanence and faith. For Material, Borden has created a series of living bioplastic paintings and architectural fixtures, which utilize algae embedded in bioplastic to digest and output pigments from Prussian blue, to pinks, to greens. This series creates a controlled environment for these bioplastics to create swaths of living colour
within painting frames or domestic objects, such as windows, sconces, and candelabras. The artworks' living marks and gestures will continue to evolve over a period of 80 to 100 years.

Maddy Inez Leeser uses the elements of earth, water, and fire to investigate themes of the body and healing. Drawing inspiration from mythology, generational magic, and herbal practices she processes trauma through clay. For Material, Leeser creates a brand new series of vessels and wall hangings that reference
traditional functional clay objects like pots and jugs, as well as mystic creatures, fae beings, orchids, and mycelium to create ceramic objects that exist in a space between function and art.

Helsinki-based Maija Luutonen works primarily with painting, creating abstract images on paper and turning the two-dimensional medium into three-dimensional installations. Maija presents large-format rolled paper paintings for Material.
Art Fair

Feria Material 2023
February 9–12, 2023
Mexico City