Jay Stern (b. 1991, Columbus, OH) received a BFA from the University of Cincinnati and an MFA in Arts Leadership from Seattle University. Stern creates paintings of domestic interiors through exaggerated nods to cubism and abstraction, he uses a bright, richly-soaked color palette and tight close-ups of familiar interiors to trigger and question memory. In the Laundry Day series, he hopes to document and speak to identity, both as it masks, and reveals inner complexities. The man-made laundry rack serves as a reminder of the spinal and stark nature of life; something that never changes, something reliable. While the drying clothes nod to the ever-changing and fluid dance that identity plays as we move through our days. Previous solo and group exhibitions include Sears Peyton Gallery (New York), Specialist Gallery (Seattle), Studio e Gallery (Seattle), Able Baker Contemporary (Portland, Maine), and Koplin Del Rio (Seattle). Stern’s work has been featured in publications such as Booooooom and Aeqai. Stern lives and works in Rockport, Maine.