Group Show with:
Star Catherine Feliz
Jamie Ross

NOON Projects is honored to present <333, a gathering and exhibition of offerings, spells, and invocations by Los Angeles-based magical practitioners and artists: medicine person Star Catherine Feliz, gardner and diviner Jamie Ross, and mage L.

Although Ross, Feliz, and L have unique celestial and ancestral origins, their individual callings, practices, and worldviews intersect at a multitude of nodes. A few particular overlaps between their ways of living, being, and their direction of will are: their personal cultivations and transformations; their work with other humans, Earthlings, and spirits to generate an increase of aetherial and terrestrial unbindings and transmutations; their shared desires to reinstate a greater balance and unity with the natural order of our planet and the cosmos. A common womb between them is their use of glass jars, jugs, and containers in the gestation of their potions. Out of these vessels are birthed aeons of cosmic unconditional love and the code of incalculable expansions. 

Botánica Cimarrón, founded by Star Catherine Feliz, is an earth-to-counter bespoke apothecary and purveyor of spiritual goods, rooted to the land as well as to Feliz’ ancestral Afro-Taino knowledge-ways. Their ancestors were maroons, aka cimarrónes, in the present-day Dominican Republic. Botánica Cimarrón is a liberatory brand that carries forward their intimate relationship to the land, cosmos, and each other for a new generation of people opening their hearts to the call of the Earth. Feliz’ medicines are made with 100% organic ingredients and strive to always source from bio-regional regenerative farms. For <333, Feliz has set up a nomadic Botánica Cimarrón, with a selection of Elixirs and Alcoholado, as well as ceremonial accouterments and ritual ware. In Feliz’ words, their medicines are a love story for the ages.

Coming of age at a time when revealing, coming-out, and disclosure were elevated to the behest of other modes of Queer knowing, Jamie Ross is drawn to places of erotic privacy, coming-in, horny hiding, and the libidinal clandestine. Their work embodies an attraction to spaces that support Queer communal ecstasy as a means to forge bonds of kinship and connection. Included in <333 is Ross’ multimedia photographic reproduction of a rare archival image from a series related to the first Faggot and Trans owned and operated drinking spaces in Montreal (Club Gemini, 1969) and Los Angeles (The 606 Club, 1914). Ross also presents an active fermenting carboy of wild cider. The glass jar pays homage to the feminine and gender-variant nature of the vibrant, ongoing Queer brewing traditions and the apple farmering Pagan matriarchs that trained Ross in the art of cider fermentation in the northern Appalachians.

L’s offerings to <333 are a selection from their broad alchemical manifestations that draw upon knowledge obtained from a lifelong practice of folk ritual, ceremonial magic, and occultism. One focus of L’s work is pointing others to their inherent divinity outside of the current capitalist spiritual-magic paradigm that often solidifies desires and reinforces positions towards the material-external, neverending trap of unfulfillment. L’s Spell for Transcendence (2015 - 2022) is a living and evolving vessel with an aggregation of charged items from significant moments in their personal and shared journeys of awakenings and reprogramming. *** Altar (2016) is a true-to-scale photograph of a destroyed folk magic altar that L ritually constructed in a palace in Bucharest, Romania. Wand One (2002 - 2022) was crafted by L following arcane medieval sorcerer staff making instructions and features a feather from L’s late dove, Thoth.

Text by L

Opening March 19, 2022
6–9 pm