Gail Factor
Inner Landscape

NOON Projects is honoured to present The Inner Landscape, a selection of works from the Estate of Gail Factor. The exhibition curates a suite of landscape paintings created between 1989 and 1991 taken from Factor’s 50 year career.

Like spring water bubbling from the earth, pushed and filtered through rock, Factor’s process is similarly peaceful, filtering, and additive in its metamorphosis. At times the paintings' perspectives feel like Factor has an easel set up the heavens - tranquility painting from above the clouds. She carved out new mountain ranges like ancient glaciers and painted unconventional light sources from newly defined valleys.

An introvert at heart, Factor’s landscapes are abstractions created within the private world of Factors studio informed by looking out car windows, time in her garden, along with the rage of the Gulf War, and the turmoil of divorce.

These paintings emanate an omnidirectional view of her inner landscape, with infinite planes, generating an intrinsic brightness of a celestial object and eradicating darkness.

Any resemblance to reality is merely coincidental.”
— Gail Factor

Thank you to the Estate of Gail Factor.


July 23 – Aug 27, 2022
Opening, Jul 23, 2022 6 – 9 pm