Ben Borden

On view through May 9, 2024

951 Chung King Road, Los Angeles 

NOON Projects is honored to present Bloom by Los Angeles based artist, Ben Borden. For the artist’s second show with the gallery and first solo show in Los Angeles, Borden presents a suite of autonomous self-generating living paintings on glass.

Borden’s works are created with an alchemical brew of dehydrated algae, potassium ferrocyanide, glycerin, and steel, a technique the artist has been developing since 2018. In a layer of bioplastic on the back of glass or carved acrylic, Borden establishes the boundaries for the chemical reaction that produces Prussian blue, the first synthetically created pigment. The works’ fluid, mercurial images can take months and even years to develop into a resolved state and necessitate a patient balance between care, maintenance and ambivalence. The last step in creation involves the artist sealing his petri-like paintings, creating an airtight chamber slowing the chemical transformations to a glacial pace.


NOON Studio

NOON Projects 

508 Chung King Court, Los Angeles

NOON Projects is thrilled to announce Import/Export, our new second gallery location across the courtyard on Chung King Road in Chinatown, Los Angeles.

Our inaugural offering features works from: James Cherry Susan Cianciolo Max Cleary Double Scorpio Gail Factor Fischersund Fray Ardens Heaven’s Market Alex Kerr Sam Moss William Moss Chelsey Pettyjohn Morgan Ritter Christian Rogers Salmon Creek Farm David Shull The Perfect Nothing Catalog Tierra Del Sol and more!

Open Thursday – Saturday
Noon – 6pm