Adee Roberson

November 18 – December 17, 2022
Opening Reception: November 18, 6–8pm

NOON Projects is honoured to present humidity by Adee Roberson, an installation of new abstract paintings, screen prints, and the LA premier of her film, Waterways.

Humidity is a water form that holds a series of contradictions. It can be healing, at times oppressive; enveloping yet invisible; and at moments terse, but also gratifying. Enabled by heat, humidity allows for visible water to evaporate and attach itself to porous bodies and wall interiors. The matter lends itself to the growth of lush environments and many living things.  In this presentation, Los Angeles based artist Adee Roberson takes up Humidity as a complex, though generative, form to think about the spectrum between expansion, and contraction, weaving and unweaving, binding and unbinding.  The artist extends on her interdisciplinary practice of abstract compositions, sonic offerings, and healing work to consider ways of coming together, in an effort to create opportunities for relation, interdependency and regeneration.



Alex Kerr and Matt Momchilov on PLATFORM

November 15 – December 1, 2022

We are thrilled to present new works by Alex Kerr and Matt Momchilov on PLATFORM, launching today, November 15.

Platform is the e-commerce destination for new works by today’s most sought-after contemporary artists. At the beginning of each month, Platform releases a new limited-time selection of artworks to buy now, selected in partnership with David Zwirner and sourced from the country's most exciting independent galleries.